Your Prescription, Your Vouchers & The Law...

Whenever you have an eye test, the optician must, by law, give you your prescription and any NHS voucher entitlement immediately following your eye test.

This law was introduced by the government to protect your right as a consumer to take your prescription and shop around for the best deal without feeling pressured to buy from the person who carries out the test.

Just recently, there have been changes to the way NHS GOS Vouchers are issued. You may be given a paper copy of your voucher, just like before, but the majority of opticians' are now issuing online voucher codes.

Make sure you obtain these from your testing optician...they will be in the following format:

Voucher Code:           ABC12345

Authorisation Code:  ABC12345

Just bring these codes along with you, or the paper copy, then you will be one step closer to getting some great, cheap designer glasses... Simple!

Keep Calm & Get New Glasses

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