iWarehouse are one of the few totally independent opticians, with facilities in-house to be able to offer all the major brands of lenses, which means that what ever your lens requirements, we will be able to supply...

...at a fraction of the cost of all other opticians

We offer lenses from Omega Optix, Essilor (Varilux) and Zeiss, 3 Fantastic Brands, covering every aspect of optics that you may require.

  • Single Vision

  • Bifocals

  • Trifocals

  • Varifocals

  • Transitions

  • XtrActive Transitions

  • Transitions Vantage

  • Thinner Lens materials (1.53/

  • Polarised Lenses

  • Tints

  • Anti-Reflective Coatings

  • Digital Protection Coatings and more...

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